Durable Hay Tarps

As a farmer you need durable and weatherproof hay tarps to protect your hay from the elements. Bad weather can damage your hay and reduce its quality, costing you time and money. Why not choose an inexpensive solution from an environmentally friendly hay tarp supplier?

At Billboard Tarps we sell former vinyl billboards for reuse as hay tarps. We have high quality vinyl tarps available in a wide variety of sizes—at unbeatable prices. Since you’re also helping the environment by reusing materials, you can feel good about your purchase all around.



Our re-purposed vinyl hay tarps will work for many years to keep your hay dry. Each tarp is:


Our strong, heavy-duty hay tarps have 3″ wide pipe sleeves around all fours sides that can be used to secure the material. These tarps are much stronger than fragile polyethylene tarps and will protect your hay through all weather, temperatures and conditions.


Our hay tarps come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. From a 10’ by 30’ tarp to a 100’ by 100’ tarp, you can select the tarp that will best cover your haystacks.

To choose a size: browse the list below, and then click on a product image or title for more information. Can’t find the size you’re looking for? Click on the “Custom Large Sizes” tab above.


We ship our hay tarps to all 50 states and Canada with FedEx Ground, and we can ship large container loads overseas as well. Need a shipping quote? Click “Add to Cart,” then “View Cart,” then “Calculate Shipping” and enter your zip code. Sizes that weigh over 150 lbs. will need to ship on a pallet through a freight carrier – please contact us for a quote.

Choose your hay tarp below, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

* Get your hay tarps here! Hay tarping is one of the most popular applications for our material, and no one beats our prices.
* Re-purposed vinyl billboard sign material
* UV protected, waterproof, anti-mildew, tear-resistant
* Advertisement on one side, black or white on the other side
* Pipe sleeves/channels around all four sides that can be used to help secure the tarp
* Click on product image or title below for more information
* Can’t find the size you are looking for? Click on the “Custom Large Sizes” tab above
* Need a shipping quote? Click “Add to Cart” -> “View Cart” -> “Calculate Shipping” and enter your zip code

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