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  • Find Tarps with Value You Can Feel Good About

    At Billboard Tarps, we specialize in re-purposing vinyl and other materials, “up-cycling” to help the environment while providing you with superior quality. Our wide variety of products are durable, long lasting, waterproof and UV protected.

  • We Have a Large Inventory to Meet Your Needs

    Check out our wide variety of sizes to find the best product for your application. Most orders that can be shipped with FedEx are sent out within one business day. Don't wait for what you need—check out our full selection today!

  • Need a Large Tarp? Check Out Our Custom Sizes!

    In addition to our many in-stock sizes, we also custom-make tarps larger than 1,500 sq. ft. These larger sizes are useful for a variety of applications, including pond lining. Our vinyl material is waterproof and fish safe. Perfect for your pond.

  • We Have the Best Prices—Guaranteed!

    In addition to our great selection, we also offer the lowest prices around. At Billboard Tarps you can trust that you're getting the best quality materials at the absolute best price. No one beats our prices, so take a look around today to see what we have available.

Recycled Vinyl Tarp Supplier

Vinyl Tarp Supplier

At Billboard Tarps, we came up with a simple idea: take the large vinyl sheets used for billboard signs and repurpose them as tarps, covers, liners, and many other applications. The idea took off, and today we are one of the largest suppliers of reused flexed vinyl in the country.

When you "upcycle" used billboard vinyl, it doesn’t just save you money—it saves the planet too. Over the years, we've prevented millions of pounds of material from ending up in landfills.

Browse Our Inventory

We stock both discounted new and salvaged vinyl material. Vinyl is a much stronger material than polyurethane (PE) used in familiar “blue” tarps, and it lasts much longer.

Our products are made from a triple-ply material. The outer layer consists of PVC (vinyl) while the interior is a polyester scrim (or mesh) layer. The anti-tear scrim makes the material both strong and flexible. All our vinyl material is waterproof and UV protected, which makes it ideal for multiple outdoor applications and pond lining.

Order a Custom Size

If you need a tarp larger than 1500 square feet, we offer custom sizes up to 200 x 200 feet. Visit our custom large sizes page to select the tarp material that suits your needs and budget. Send us an email or call us at 1-877-771-8277 to obtain a quote.

Get the Best Price—Guaranteed

Since our products are made from new closeout vinyl or repurposed used vinyl, we can afford to give our customers the best price for a superior product. When you choose Billboard Tarps as your vinyl tarp supplier, you can be confident that you’re saving money and protecting the environment. Browse our inventory today.


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