The Best Source for Wholesale Vinyl Tarps

Looking for a large quantity of vinyl material at the lowest price available? Billboard Tarps is your destination. We offer unbeatable discount deals on bulk vinyl and other materials, whether by the pallet load, truckload or container.

We have many years of exporting experience, and we can fill both 20 ft. and 40 ft. containers. A 40 ft. container can hold up to 44,000 lbs. of vinyl or other material in order to save you money! Billboard Tarps has shipped large discount loads of vinyl around the world, from North America, to Africa and Asia.

We offer the highest quality material in vinyl, poly and more at the best prices around. Please email us at or call 1-877-771-8277 for information and pricing on exporting and container shipments.

The Highest Quality Materials and Largest Selection

Billboard Tarps offers a large assortment of reused material, including both new and reused vinyl and poly. Our vinyl material features an interior rip-stop polyester scrim layer, coated on both sides with PVC vinyl. It makes the material incredibly tough to tear and waterproof. The material is also UV protected and designed to withstand both extreme cold and hot temperatures. You will not find this quality as these prices anywhere else.

Popular sizes for wholesale reused vinyl include 14’ x 48’, 20’ x 60’, 12’ x 24’, 10’ x 36’, and much more! Our inventory is always changing, so please inquire about our current selection today.

Looking for a Deep Discount on Pallet Loads of Vinyl?

Billboard Tarps offers fantastic prices on pallet loads of reused vinyl billboards as well. We have large cardboard gaylord boxes of assorted sizes available at unbeatable prices. Each box is different, but typical assortments weigh around 1,000 lbs. with 12,000 sq. ft. of material. The tarp quantity per box ranges from approximately 10 to 80 vinyl tarps, available in both 9 and 13 oz. weights. Typical sizes include 6′ x 12′, 10′ x 20′, 18′ x 30′, 20′ x 76′, etc. We price these assorted sizes to move quickly – only 4 cents per sq. ft.!

Please let us know if you are interested by emailing us as, and we can send you an updated breakdown of our inventory.

New Vinyl Rolls – First Quality Material at Wholesale Clearance Prices!

In addition to the reused material we supply at Billboard Tarps, we also offer brand new rolls of high quality PVC vinyl material. You will not find pristine, new material like this priced as low as we can offer anywhere else.

Our new vinyl rolls are available in a 7 oz. per sq. yd. weight on rolls from 12 to 16 ft. wide and averaging 330 ft. in length. Like the rest of our vinyl material, it is UV protected, waterproof, anti-tear, anti-mildew and fish/plant safe.

One of the best features of the rolled material is that it can be cut to whatever sizes you are looking for. The material is easy to trim with any sharp blade such as a utility knife, and the rip-stop poly scrim layer prevents fraying. It is weatherproof, coated PVC vinyl, black on one side, white on the other. The material can also be heat-welded or glued with an adhesive such as HH-66 vinyl cement.

We can ship the new vinyl rolls in any quantity, by the pallet, truckload or a full container load. No one will beat the prices we can offer for brand new vinyl material. Please email us at, or call 1-877-771-8277 for a quote or questions.

Don’t Miss a Low Liquidation Price on New Poly Material!

Billboard Tarps also supplies brand new 6 oz. Poly rolls, available in rolls that are ready to ship from our warehouse immediately. Each roll is 12 ft. wide and approximately 600 ft. in length when unrolled. This material is waterproof and UV protected and can be cut right from the roll with very little fraying. Please inquire if you are interested, as we are liquidating this material and looking to move it fast!

Vinyl Rolls